Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity Wall Ties have been in use since the early 19th Century to bind the internal and external cavity walls together and keep them strong. Cavity Walls have since evolved and are now made from stainless steel and therefore not susceptible to corrosion through damp problems. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be corroded at all.


You will know if your cavity wall tie needs replacing if the external wall starts to either sag or bulge. You may also find stepped or linear cracking at the mortar bed joints which can weaken the structure. We have seen, in very extreme cases, external skin of brickwork collapse entirely. So if not handled correctly, there could be un-repairable damage afoot.


We initially have to carry out an endoscopic survey into your wall cavity in order to determine if there are cavity ties actually present and if so, do they need replacing? After our survey is complete, we will provide an honest report of our findings to let you know if our services are required and if they are, which ones you will need. As wall tie specialists, we know what it takes to restore your home back to its best. APT have been treating properties around Torbay with Cavity Wall Tie Replacements for over 25 years.

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